Waxing / Sugaring


Waxing / Sugaring – Bye bye, razors and strubbles!

No daily shaving
Smooth skin for the long term
No strubbles
 NEW: Sugaring

With our PRINZEN options you have possibility of getting caring and longlasting hair removal with wax or sugar paste. .

Our wax is warmer than your regular body temperature and very comfortable on your skin. It opens up your pores and removes the hair easily with less pain.
The sugar paste is similar to that and as it has very caring ingredients, it can even be applied to very sensitve skin.

No matter if you’re male or female, no matter if we talk about your legs, your arms, your back, your face or your bikini zone, our range of offers can help you out with any wishes of hair removal.

You will be able to enjoy a soft and smooth skin with a nice and aesthetic feeling.

We also really want to recommend the sugaring method. It’s a traditional treatment from middle eastern countries that goes way back and has proven itself over decades.
It is often inculded in vapor bathing and hamam traditions and a part of several cultures.
The “waxing“ starts off with preparing the skin by applying an alcoholic lotion that cleans it and is being washed off afterwards. After that procedure the skin is clean from any superficial, fattening substances and ready for treatment. This is really important to prevent inflammations and make sure the sugar paste gets a proper hold of the hair.

Then the yellow-golden paste is being kneaded so that it is warm and soft.
It will be properly applied to the skin and then removed against the growing direction. (to remove all the hair and make sure the skin does not suffer from the procedure.) Generally, there are barely any cases of skin irritations. This treatment is known to be less painful than traditional waxing and the skin compatibility is guaranteed as the ingredients are completely natural.


The result will be soft and smooth skin for at least three weeks, with a very, very low possibility of any complications or skin irritations. We would also adivce you to come by for a peeling twice a week to make sure your skin stays soft! (starting two days after the treatment)

We are looking forward to your visit at PRINZEN and are always free to give you personal consultance.
Please come by to make a personal appointment or reach us by phone. You can also set it up online.

Melanie Cramer & Monika Krawczynska

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