Braids & “Updo” Hairstyles

Braids & “Updo” Hairstyles


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All the variations of Updo Hairstyles are a guarantee for spectacular looks this season.
Weddings, gala nights, graduation parties or candle light dinners, there are a billion possible occasions for these kind of impressive hairdos.





Anna Zaichenko
Specialist for Braids and Updo Hairstyles

Trained nationally and internationally, Anna Zaichenko is a hairdresser specialized in all braiding and updo techniques.





Our portfolio for various events:

  • Braiding Hairstyles

  • Updo Hairstyles

  • Wedding Hairstyles

  • Gala Hairstyles (e.g. for graduations)
  • Accessories included in Updo Hairstyle
  • Extentions included in Updo Hairstyle
  • Wig Styling

Her work includes a large variety of hairstyles, from modern updos and edgy knots, to classic and traditional hairstyles, inspired by prêt-à-porter fashion shows.

She knows how to adapt to several trends and styling ideas, which is why she is also offering courses to share her skills. You can learn how to make these kind of detailed hairstyles on yourself and others, as well as getting the basics and the input on how to do classic hairstyles like a simple and clean knot, a chignon, or how to turn a ponytail into a proper bun.

Current trends are a messy bun and the „out of bed“ look, general easy but classy hairstyles. Even the rocker coif is finding its way back into the salons and makes an even bigger impression when combined with ombre coloring.

The bun itself is being widely reinvented and Anna Zaichenko includes that into her work by using all kinds of creative and traditional accessories. You can combine the bun with braids or open it up into a half bun, or use a hair donut to create a more impressive version.

More elegant styles are, of course, no problem either. Anna Zaichenko also offers more simple and romantic looks with highlights and little details for the finish.
Such tools as the crimping iron or the curler add a huge amount of variation and can create smart, yet cute, styling for an edgy look.
From the big hair to the smart and classic look, all styles are precisely accompanied by the right products to make them last all day and night to guarantee the ultimate style impression.

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