The keratin treatment

The keratin treatment

Keratin is a natural part of your hair, which often gets lost due to enviromental influences as heating and drying of the hair. This result in your hair looking dry and unhealthy, it makes it lose it’s spark.
We can offer you two solutions to make your hair look stronger and naturally healthy again:


Natural keratin straightening

It takes a lot of time to get your hair under control? Then a kertin straightening might be your solution!
Without any chemical ingredients, the thermoactive, trionic keratin will revitalize the keratin production from within your hair and fill it up with natural care substances.

This very effective treatment will guarantee a regeneration effect and keep your hair from splitting and being unbearable.
This will be of great care for your stressed hair provide it with moisture and strength. Your haircolor will be coming out and the styling will be much more easy. This effect will hold on for three to six months and can be repeated at anytime, because it does not burden your hair in any way.

It is suitable for any hairtype, the hair will benefit from it immensely and get back to it’s natual structure. As a benefit to all that, it will get even more and ongoingly straight with every session.
If you are wishing for straight hair, which feels and looks good, then you should get in touch with us for a complementary consultance that is completely without any obligations.

An ongoing keratin straightening treatment will cost 298,00€ (consultance inclusive)

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The keratin-proteine treatment at PRINZEN

Paul Mitchell is giving us a way for haircare wellness with the keratine spa treatment “Keratriplex”. Within a single hour you and your hair will be spoiled with pure keratine to feel completely “PRINZEN healthy”.


Interview with our owner Ina Prinzen on the new keratine-protein treatment at PRINZEN..

Niklas Lange: Ina, what exactly can you tell us about the keratin-protein treatment? What result can I expect after the treatment?

Ina Prinzen: Stress can make damage your hair and make it thin and break it. The keratinproteins go deep into the hair and fix it from within. The hair will feel stronger and more healthy. It will also look healthier and be prevented from future damage on the long term.

Niklas Lange: Well, this clearly sounds interesting to everyone who isn’t satisfied with their hair quality. Are there any hard facts about the keratin-protein treatment?

Ina Prinzen: Of course! After the treatment your hair breakage will reduce to up to 80%, it will be increse it’s brilliance up to 35% and it will also prevent your haircolor from fading with a chance of 67%.

Niklas Lange: These results are impressive. How much time to I have to spare for the treatment? And do you think it would also be suitable for men?

Ina Prinzen:It takes around 34 to 40 minutes and of course – the treatment is available for anyone who wants to have healthy and good looking hair.

Niklas Lange: Does the result survive extensive hair washing? And how long do I have to wait until I can redo the procedure?

Ina Prinzen: You can feel and see the result for six to eight weeks. And you can also repeat the treatment at anytime after that.

Niklas Lange: Thank you very much for the input!

– The keratin-proteine treatment costs 35,00 € including a personal consultance! –

Niklas Lange: sound very good, I am going to get my appointment right now!

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