Black Lashes: Professional lash-extentions


Black Lashes: Professionelle Wimpernverlängerung

The express method

The express method is special for women, who want to get incredibly beautiful lashes for a special occasion to accompany your make-up in a natural way. It is a great alternative for any fashionista to make your lashes look stronger and longer for a short period of time. This procedure is fast and effective. We use a glue that is soft and scentless and will not effect your eyes in any way. The result makes your eyes look light and natural. It will not make your lashes feel havier in any way and you will not need any mascara for the two week period of the express method. After that time, it will be removed completely by professionals. blacklashes2

Lash-extentions 1:1 method

The 1:1 lash extention method is an innovative way to strenghten your natural lashes, make them thicker and longer. Lashes made of silk and with (nearly no synthetic parts) are being applied seperately. This will give you a strong and beautiful look.

Lash-extentions 2:1 method

The 2:1 lash extention method is like the 1:1 method, with a much more impressive outcome, making your lashes stronger, thicker and significantly longer by using two “real siberian mink” lashes on each of your natural lashes. You can decide between two different lash materials, the silk or the siberian mink lashes (real hair). Using the silk lashes if often prefered, as they are less pricey and ethically more appropriate. The silk lashes are soft and light and very equal to natural lashes, also the real hair option has to be doublechecked for allergies beforehand.

– To keep up the look on the long term, the lashes have to be refilled every four to five weeks. –


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