Personal Image Coaching

Personal Image Coaching

`Solliciti personalia´

July Prinzen is offering her customers image coaching with personality forming events:

It will make you cherish and experience surprises from a different perspective.
Take some time to yourself, several hours each week, and be all on your own.
I would advise you to do this for at least 12 days. This offer is for people who are looking for some personal time. No matter if you do this by reflecting on your life, taking specific quiet time or by doing sports or other activities. Content with impression!

Have fun!

Do what’s good for you! Talk about life, let things happen, if you enjoy something, it can’t be bad for you.
Go to the movies or the theatre, have dinner with friends and make road trips!

Be easy-going!

Laugh, laugh about yourself, laugh about the little things. A walk through the park, meditation, appreciation. These things are key.“

„How can anyone love you more than you love yourself?!“

We will care for your soul – with everything you like. A shopping trip to Hamburg for instance.


From body to soul.
Talks about your personal diet, about eating with joy!
Sound journeys and other wellness offers. Find your balance and inner passions. Relax.
Do sports – cycling, jogging, walking and cooling down. Or how about boat trips?
This is our wellness principle!
Once a week, for two to four hours, we do things!
And you are always part of creating and forming these trips and meetings.

Curious? I am looking forward to hear from you!

July Prinzen

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