Your perfect day!



The original from July Prinzen – Human Professionals – will lighten up your day.
A personality coaching in comfortable atmosphere, image coaching for you look in color, form and style!

July Prinzen and Claudia Düwel, experienced Image Consultants, will work with a stylings and a make-up artist, consult and coach you for up to 5 hours and give you insights on your personal color, style and trend options.

This will be followed by a hair consultance, where the team of Ina Prinzen will show you all the opportunities you have for hair color and styling.

Make-up, nail- and handcare.

A beautician and a naildesigner will present all possibilities that caring and decorative cosmetics have to offer and provide you with extensive nail- and handcare.

We are looking forward to spoiling you!

Prinzen... Das Image-Institut