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Be cultivated in your job and your freetime…

A clean look by a professional manicure, – pedicure and modern naildesign.
PRINZEN nailstudio – preventional nail- and skincare, as well as gel-modeling!

The PRINZEN nailstudio is offering a personal and intimate atmosphere and excellent service from professional naildesigners.

Professional techniques and an ongoing high quality service for prevention, nail- and skincare, as well as decoration oft he hand- and footnails.

Our Basic offers in preventional hand- and nailcare for your hands and feet:


We will take care of your nailskin by massaging nailoil into it, which will make it a lot softer. If the nailskin doesn’t have enough moisture, it is very sensitive and can rip easily. Instead of cutting the skin, it is more effective to use rosewoodstick to push it back.

We will make your nails stronger.
Putting nailstrenghtner onto it will make your nails stronger and save them from breaking.

Your polish consultance

Depending on the color-id of your skintype and depending on the current season our color recommendations may vary. Depending on your type, we will make your nails look beautiful and healthy. No matter which color you choose, we will make sure you always leave our nailstudio with a “PRINZEN-healthy” high-quality naildesign!

Classical manicure
Enjoy the benefits of a professional manicure. It includes filing the nails in form, treating it with nailoil and a relaxing hand massage. Additionally we can put a trendy or classical color on your nails.

Spa manicure
The Spa manicure is a caring wellness treatment which is preventional to the classical manicure. It includes a vitalising hand peeling and a high-quality hand mask, which will be massaged into your skin after the treatment. The whole thing will be completed by an energizing paraffine bath.
This is the definition of wellness!

Manicure à là Japonaise
A japanese manicure as an alternative to conventional naildesign?
This trendy manicure treatment starts with a bee wax care on the nails thats finished off with powder that involves mineral ingredients, to make them shiny. This procedure will make your nails shine and look polished without any chemicals. Unlike with using nailpolish, this will make your nails shine for several weeks. The whole japanese manicure procedure is taking 45 minutes to an hour with one amazing result: longterm healthy nails.

For women in healthcare jobs this is especially ideal, because it gives the nails a healthy look, without having to pay constant attention to them.
Holiday for your nails!

Japanische Maniküre



We will take care of your hands and feet, spoil your skin and design your nails in a natural look.
We do gel-modeling, the traditional french design for instance, just ask us about all the possible techniques of making your nails harder and stronger at our nailstudio. Our qualified naildesigners will strenghten and lengthen your natural nails, hit us up for individual offers based on your personal wishes and needs.


Designing your nails will be based on your wishes completely! We are open to give you creative inspiration and can present a wide range of possibilities!
Individual painting and a choice of accessories gives us the opportunity to make almost every wish come true.

Pedicure for him and her

A healthy look made possible by a professional pedicure! Spoil your feet with professional nail- and skincare!
Tensed muscles and chapped skin on your feet can be very uncomfortable and even painful. A pedicure can help you relax. Your nails will be shortened and filed, cornea will carefully be removed and the skin will be treated with relaxing care products. We will take care of your feet by bathing and peeling them and adding a possible foot mask. To finalize the treatment, you will get a soothing foot massage. Pure relief for your feet!

After a PRINZEN pedicure you will be walking on “cloud nine”!

We are looking forward to consulting you at our PRINZEN nailstudio at the Thielenplatz. Get your personal appointment by calling us or just stop by and set a meeting up directly.

Your PRINZEN naildesigners



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