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Generally, a massage is being used to not only to influent the bodies skin and muscles, but also the whole organism and the mental health.

We offer a wide range of massages at PRINZEN.
You can choose between a wellness massage, a classical whole body treatment or treatments for specific body parts.

Conventional Massage

The conventional massage can be used in several ways. From supporting the overall wellbeing to specific therapeutic uses, the goal of a massage is always to relax.
It will support your blood flow and strenghten your body tissue.
A massage can be used on:

  • Muscle pain and tention due to stress or posture problems
  • Several blood flow issues
  • Chronical issues such as backpain or arthrosis
  • Pain due to muscular disbalances
  • And of course for simple stress reduce, overall wellbeing and to relax

Aroma-oil massage
Natural high-quality skin oils (jojoba, almond or sesame) are being mixed with essential oils to find your very own favorite scent that can have a positive effect on your mentality.
By using several massage techniques, your blood flow is being supported and you will detox over your lymph knots. It can also reduce many body aches such as headaches and backaches.
Pricing always depends on your personal wishes on time and products, but you can always get a consult on this for free.

Hot Stone massage
The hot stone massage is one of our customers favorite offers, as its health benefits are tremendous.
From muscle tention, digestion problems and insomnia, this massage offers many ways of helping out with uncomfortable issues.
Your whole body system will benefit from it and you will feel much more energetic.
The temperature will strengthen your body tissues and the treatment can energey blockades to help you find your inner balance. Your immune system will get stronger and feelings of stress and restlessness can be prevented. Pricing always depends on your personal wishes on time and products.

Dorn Therapy / Breuss Massage
The Dorn method is a soft, manual treatment on your lower back, spine and your shoulders.

With this treatment you can correct lenght differences of your legs and put your lower back and pelvis back in position. It is an amazing method to work on posture problems and massage based on the “Breuss“ theory, your spine will be massaged which has a very energizing effect. The soft procedure uses St. John’s wort oil which will treat your muscles on a very deep level. Your intervertebral discs will be relieved from too much pressure. The massage takes around 45 minutes with a following 10 minute relaxation time. We also offer a short massage afterwards to make you losen up.

Head and facial massage
The head and facial massage is very revitalizing.
It is very soft and stimulates the energy spots of your head, face, shoulders and neck.
This is known for significant benefits to your hair and skin and can also reduce wrinkles.
The massage will strenghten your nerve system, cause stress relief and calm you down. – Find your inner peace! You can also include essential oils, herbs or hot stones into this treatment.

Hot chocolate massage
This exciting wellness experience will spoil you on a high level. Based on cocoa butter and hot chocolate, you will exprience a different kind of wellness that will spoil your skin and senses.
The chocolate will make your skin soft and smooth and the smell is, of course, very enjoyable as well.
Pricing always depends on your personal wishes on time and products, but you can always get a consult on this for free.

Make an appointment at our reception or with our therapists directly.

Other possible treatments:

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