Lash Extentions


The execution of lash extentions at PRINZEN in Hannover consists of small fibers. The synthetic hair is very skin tolerant and adapts to your needs. Every lash has its individual form to live up to the necessaties of lash extentions. Thick or thin, round or straight, it is completely up to you how you want your lashes to look like. The glue is waterproof and longlasting and fits all allgergy friendly needs. You can make your lashes look thicker and longer in a natural way, without any disturbance and without looking fake.

– This technique is longlasting and can be constantly worn! –

Product range:
– silk- and minklashes (not synthetic)
– different driving directions individual lenghts from 6 to 15mm

Glitter lashes, lashes with fake diamons and lots of colors!

Comfortably wearable lashes that do not feel weird or like a foreign object on your face!
You can barely even feel the lashes after they have been attached!

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Gazaleh Vaseghi

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