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Hairextensions and thickening with real hair

Long hair within an hour? Is that even possible?
Yes, hair extensions and thickening with real hair at PRINZEN might be your solution if you don’t want to wait for hair to grow anymore!

The human hair grows around an inch every second month. From short hair to long hair it usually takes several years. Within such a time period, many things can happen. Even environmental issues can influent your hair. With extentions or thickening of your hair PRINZEN can give you an option to help nature out a little! Within an hour we can make your hair grown in length and volume!
We are always up to give you all necessary information on this! We do hairtalk extentions – the one and only original of the tape extention systems and can offer you consultance on it whenever you need it!

Up to now, the conventional ways of doing extentions were bound to using heat and ultrasound or even putting metals into your hair.

This can cause a lot of damage to your hair. With our method, we use a special glue, which stick your hair in between the extentions and create a flat connection. It will make the extensions nearly invisible and seem completely natural. It is also very effective when it comes to the pain that extentions are known for. You can lie down and tie them up without any kind of disturbance.
The result will be lasting for at least three months and our extention specialist can easily losen it and then reattach it back into position after it grew out.

An overview of the extention systems benefits:

  • 100% real hair quality
  • The whole procedure only takes an hour
  • The hair will not break off
  • The method is looking out for your hair and won’t do any harm to it
  • No pain
  • Available in any common color
  • Can be reattached repeatedly
  • Certified procedure
  • No technical tools needed
  • Only to be attached by high-quality professional staff

Your dream of perfect hair can be fullfilled within an hour!

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