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Haarfarben Farb Spezialist Hannover Prinzen Prinzen... Das Image-Institut Spezialist für Haarfarben und Balayage. Prinzen Hannover - der Friseur Hannover

The „Master of Color“ Certificate supports the high quality in the consulting and executing of color changes at the PRINZEN Image Insitute.

We love hair, we love color and we use products that offer us as many ways as possible to keep up with the trends and techniques out there.

Get your personal appointment for individual haircolor consulting at our Image Institute for free.
Our high quality specialist will help you to easily change your color, just like that!

Change your color

From blonde to brunette, from copper to bright red, the possibilities are endless.

Our portfolio includes everything from semi-permanent coloring to classic hairdying, subtile highlights and lowlights or proper streaks, french ombré and balayage techniques, paintings, freehand techniques, dip-dye, pastel colors and many more.
Freehand techniques make very natural looks possible, shine and tone coloring is a nice choice for people who don’t want to use too many chemicals on their hair.

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Christiane Geuer
Master of Color
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Diplom Geuer

Master of Color Diplome

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Highlights and Lowlights (Multi-Color)

For especially extravagant hairstyles, a combination of high- and lowlights can help you create your personal IT-look. Combining a lighter color, such as light blonde tones on top with a darker tone on the bottom can create a natural but edgy style. This also works perfectly with red or brown tones.

Following the “Ombré” trend, “Balayage“ is the new way of two-color hairstyling.

It’s a fluent transition between the colors, making it look very natural. The perfect balance from a dark root that smoothly transforms into lighter lengths. Subtil but beautiful.

If you are looking for a more girly, clearly two-colored look “Ombré” is the way to go. If you are up for a softer beach-style, go for “Balayage”.
Both techniques create a stunning outcome – our master of color is there to offer you all-around consultation.

Dip-Dye Technique

The dip-dye technique is one of the more creative ways for hair-dying on the market. The result usually looks like the hair has been dipped into color, which is where the name comes from.
To make the whole look even more creative, we like to use pastel coloring.

At the beginning of our color consultation, we do a quick check to find out your very own color match and guarantee a high-quality look due to the huge variety of the best color products on the market.
For instance, the “Illumina Color” from WELLA, a tone with natural color pigments and reflections that makes the hair look modern and natural or “INNOSENSE” from Koleston Perfekt, which works with the new color-molecule Me+, highly reducing the risk of allergies.

We can guarantee complete skin compatibility and offer an epicutaneous test for your skin to check the effects of color on very sensitive skin. For this test, we apply a tiny amount of the color to your arm, two days before you get your hair dyed and then observe it for 45 minutes.

“Koleston Perfect” is also a classic haircolor option with a very high coverage and an even higher range of color options. (Even modern colors from red to violet or blue and green are possible.)

With all the possibilities out there, hair care and health are especially important to us.
If you choose to get a professional hair coloration, we guarantee a healthy look for your hair and support that with our high-quality care products to give your hair strenght and make it shiny long term.
We always assess your hair before treatments and provide individual consultation. We will always advise you on the best fit for your hair to create exactly the look you want.

We are looking forward to meeting you!
Ina Prinzen

Prinzen... Das Image-Institut